About Us

Vision : No1. Trusted Space Platform in Bangladesh

Our vision itself is aspiring us where we are heading for everyone’s dream place and motivating us to keep moving forward for this vision.

We believe that everyone should be able to afford an extraordinary space when needs to stay days, months and years. This is why we have created SPACEBD to help everyone to find out space as we live, as we experience, as we celebrate, as we work.

Everyone told us that finding trusted space for the Bangladeshi people, domestic and abroad Non-Resident-Bangladeshis and for the foreign expats to find their home away from home is challenging due to lack of transparency and trust process, but we could not stop thinking about how we can change this perspective and practice. We have come up with the idea to change it from ground up, using digital space platform and totally different values to put customers first.

We deepened our technology,

For the buyers and tenants to find out dream home faster, easier, hassle free process with legal documents checking and complete property management,

For the home owners to find out reliable buyers and tenants faster than ever .

For the travelers to deliver both remarkable and accessible accommodation to find a living space as well-being relaxing, inspiring, delighting, homelike.

Established SPACEBD under TBUYBD LTD, to serve everyone in Bangladesh and NBR, Expats for easier access to living space, we will be assuring for everyone to enjoy the space provide from us.